Day 358: Extra ordinary…

…is a nuance of extraordinary.

At BTL practice, we often watch movie clips because Hollywood understands a universal melody line of humanity. We yearn for a good B&B, and when we can’t find it for ourselves, we spend Friday night at the theater to escape from a week of drudgery.

The script is predictably predictable. As you watch some of your favorite holiday classics, look for it. White Christmas. A Wonderful Life. Christmas Vacation.

In the beginning you meet some ordinary joe or jane with a big dream. They yearn to become & belong, just like us. You can relate to them, and their Builder’s Journey soon surfaces a struggle, a conflict, or adversity (which happens about 5-10 minutes into the movie to set the hook — if it didn’t, you’d walk out). The struggle tests their character and their conviction. You identify with them, and Hollywood knows it.

Just when it seems Bob Wallace won’t get the girl, George Bailey will lose all hope, or Clark Griswold’s Christmas will go up in flames–some builder or angel comes alongside and reminds them they have what it takes. The movie ends on a high. The ordinary joe or jane has become some kinda extra ordinary. And we walk out thinking to ourselves “maybe, just maybe, that could be me.”

If you’re wondering why BTL doesn’t call the Builder’s Journey the hero’s journey, the one word change is deliberate and intentional, and no disrespect to Joseph Campbell.

The Builder’s Journey is the movie of real life for ordinary joes and janes. Instead of escaping and watching someone else, all it takes is a little extra willingness, courage and humility to Dream & Do. Willingness is essential because most stop dreaming by the age of 30 and settle for some kind of mediocre drudgery. Courage is essential to dare to believe that Dream & Do is not just daydreaming, and to leave the comfort of the shire. Humility is essential to allow some other ordinary joe or jane to come alongside–pride’s lonesome road has no place on the Builder’s Journey.

All it takes is a little extra to go from ordinary to extra ordinary, starting with a little extra belief. No matter how bad, difficult, or tragic your State of Origin or Current State, it’s only the end of the road if you resign and settle.

Dare to Dream & Do. You don’t have to be a hero — just a little extra ordinary.

Give yourself the gift of time, take a courage pill, and dare to write out your Dream State. And set the hook by telling some other ordinary joe or jane who can walk alongside on your Builder’s Journey.

It doesn’t take a script — only a little extra.

Done So.

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