Day 359: Articules…

…is not an ancient sage or warrior — it’s a nickname Miss gave Chet.

BTL nicknames are playful terms of endearment, nearly always rooted in a character quality or idiosyncrasy or story special to the giver and receiver.

In an age of corporate formalities and political correctness, BTL nicknames remind us that true ONEness is built human-to-human. If you want a culture of stiffness, Day 359 isn’t for you. If you want a culture of commitment and belonging, read on.

Nicknames are an affectionate bid unto themselves. Whenever Toto leaves me a voicemail, it always starts with “GU-FREAKIN’-RU….” Whatever the rest of the message, I feel the one ‘L of a difference–a little extra ordinary love.

So if you’re a leader and you want a culture transforming from a lone toward all ONE–distinct and deeply connected–harness the power of nicknames. Make them your own. A good nickname communicates a word of esteem and a word of care.

As a PA to stimulate your creativity, peruse the glossary in Becoming BUILT TO LEAD. Half the terms or more are names of band members, clients and other friends and family–all the nicknames tell you something about the person and something about Toto.

To the BTL band on this Christmas day, here’s a special Gu shout out to Toto, Peteboy, Brownie, K, Doscher, Jiggs, Centerfield, Dorothy aka Slippage, Tay, and TLC.

And on behalf of the band, our very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you and yours.

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