David’s dream…

Eighteen years ago, BTL was in her early, formative years. I did a three day introduction to BTL for my oldest son, Jordan, a bunch of his high school friends and people from our Church. It was so much fun to take them through the basics of BBTL. OPUS, PoP, and CORE were words we used but the framework wasn’t there. I’m not sure what all was covered those three days but I remember David’s reaction vividly. David had a dream. He told me all about it over those three days. He wanted to make music and wasn’t sure what to do. He had been told it was unlikely. I listened and gave him some food for thought. I challenged him to baby step into it. He said he could do that. I told him I knew he could and would.

Last night, age 36, David, his girlfriend Lou and daughter Zya joined our family to celebrate a meal together. David lives in Miami and made the 90 minute trek up to be with us. We ate, drank, laughed and told stories old and new. You see, friends, David is living the dream. He just opened his own studio on Miami. It’s called Joy. He just won his second Latin Grammy. He has artists in his studio now and he’s the dream maker for the next generation.

Dream and do. Dream and do. Dream and do. Together we transform. Always together. Grammy’s are heavy. Dreams are not.

Live hard. Love harder…

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