Day 362: ONE…

…is a multi-dimensional BTL melody line.

It begins with building a strong CORE and ONE-ness within. This involves answering the 3 big questions in life, which usually get asked in the wrong order. Since kindergarten, we’ve been conditioned to get stickers and stay out of the principal’s office. The almighty how helps us get good grades, good schools, good jobs, good promotions and a good amount of success — along with anxiety, mid-life crisis and depression. While heart disease is the #1 cause of physical death, the #1 cause of a life of quiet desperation and slow death is heart dis-ease — because you can’t live as ONE within when you don’t know who you are and why you work and live.

Weak Core

At BTL we believe in flipping the script. When you gain clarity, depth, alignment and significance in your why and your who, the how gets a lot simpler in what you say yes or no to. With a strong CORE emerges a new picture with a sweet spot of convergence. As you become increasingly ONE within, a different way of working and living is born. It’s a life called OPUS — an energized labor of love — a life of dream & do.

Strong CORE

Another sign of a weak core is work and life are pitted one against the other. America’s eating up books on “how to balance work and life?”, not recognizing it’s a trap question which fosters a juggling act. You can spend decades making this your core purpose, in search of the perfect balance, but it’s an illusion, just like the myth of control. Just when it seems all plates are spinning, one incident throws everything out of whack and perpetuates the cycle. The insidious root lie is work and life should somehow revolve around you and/or other loved ones. Ouch.


At BTL, we believe another dimension of the melody line of ONE is embodied by masters of the art of living, who make no sharp distinction between work and play. Chateaubriand is right. The magic word in work and life is and. When you integrate/align all of work and life around a CORE-Centered/Self-Controlling Purpose, you’re free to live out who you are and your why in all your roles and relationships.

Here’s an example. According to StrengthFinders, Relator is my #1. A weak CORE would insist others relate to me. A strong CORE transcends me. My CORE purpose is to help others relate to why they are here, who they are, and how to live and work — with clarity, depth, alignment and significance. Whether it’s with my clients or at home or with the BTL Band or in the community — it’s all ONE — and promotes all ONEness with those around me.

CORE -Centered/Self-Controlling

Where are you on your Builder’s Journey in your thinking about work and life? What’s your Dream State? your PAs? Write.

Done so.

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