Day 363: Becoming BTL…

…is, well, very becoming.

There is no arriving, only growing. Much like dieting or working out, so is the BTL process — the transformational effects are becoming to others, but the CORE becoming is inside you.

This is why BTL doesn’t hand out certificates or diplomas. There are none — only self-awarded stickers along the Builder’s Journey for your Scorecard of Significance.

Marketing would like for us to re-package and expand our curriculum. Marketing may sell, but we’re not buying. The framework is the framework, and you are the author. Rinse-and-repeat is the melody line. Instead of BTL 101/201/301, there’s just v1.0, v2.0, v3.0… It’s up to you to embrace the grind, and PoP out ever-refined rinses of your CORE and OPUS.

If you’re bummed you’re nearing the end of the 365 disciplines of BBTL, here’s a challenge for you. Instead of looking for a new devotional for 2022, do another rinse, and this time put yourself on the hook, sending your writing to a buddy. Find a pen pal who will do this with you. One of the Band highlights of 2021 was reading our newer builder’s weekly journals. They challenged each other to post their writing every Sunday, summarizing their takeaways from that week’s daily disciplines. Sometimes the takeaway was an awakening to a MOT regarding their Current State. Other times it was a challenge regarding an integrity gap. And more times than not there was a PA for moving toward their Dream State.

So while there are parts of this work you do a lone as you reflect, write and act — the one ‘L of a BTL difference is transforming together from a lone toward all ONE. If you’ve been blessed by the gift of BTL, remember it is even more blessed to give than receive — give it away to another. If you’re a leader, give the gift of BTL practice to your team.

Remember it’s not about arriving, it’s about becoming.

Becoming leaders lead becoming teams. Becoming spouses lead becoming marriages. Becoming parents lead becoming families.

Don’t settle. Keep building — and you’ll keep becoming.

Done so.

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