Do it again…

David’s dream looks really cool when you see the hardware. I mean c’mon man, who doesn’t want to have a room filled with Grammy’s and great art. Here’s what we tend to overlook when it comes to eighteen years of effort – we forget the grind. We forget how hard we labored. We forget how often we wanted to quit and how many hours it felt like it was all for naught.

So, friend, remember this. Do more. You can do more than you think. Don’t forget the dream. Make it crazy big and something you love. Make it for more than yourself. Make it something you’d do even if you weren’t paid. And, do more. Show up early. Stay late. Obsess over everything. Strive for perfection over progress. Settle for nothing less than your best. Deal with the stress. Deal with it by doing more of it. Do it again and again and again. Develop a do it again mindset…

As I reminded a client today, fun is a great outcome but a horrible aim. Life is meant to render and sculpt you. Life is meant to make you who you are through the crucible and struggle. Embrace this. Life is hard. Designed so. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Learn to do hard things well by doing more than you think. David’s dream is coming into reality because he does more than most. He sets the edge. Reaches. Fails. Dusts himself off and gets up to do it again, you know. Do it again. Do more. Done so…

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