Day 17…Matrix




Wake up, Jim…

The Matrix has you.

Chet was telling me that for years. I kept choosing the blue pill. The blue pill is easy. So easy.

One day, Chet knocked on my front door…there we were face-to-face. I was out of time.

“Brother Jim, choose. One more time, choose. But before you choose this time, I want to tell you one thing. This one thing will not be self-apparent. You will still have to show much faith for these words to help you. Here is what you need to know: ‘You are my brother. You belong with BTL.’”

I made the decision right then and there to take the red pill.

But wait. It does not work like that Chet told me.

“Patience,” he said.

Fast forward.

I am sitting down in a chair and sitting across from me is John Rue, my builder.

I am a little uncomfortable and a lot intimidated.

He says…nothing.

He just holds out his hands.

Left hand –  blue pill.

Right hand –  red pill.

So simple. The blue pill is the lie. The red pill is the truth.

So hard to commit to the red pill.

“The red pill causes pain,” my mind tells me.

 I have run from pain my whole life.


I do not have to run from pain for the rest of my life.

I can turn and face it.

I looked at John for several months.

Finally, I took the blue pill.

It took me months. Months to answer the first question of discovery. It was not a pretty process. But in fighting for a real, authentic and true answer – many pillars of great power and INsight were born into reality.

Here is my worldview 1.0…and I am not even supposed to have one yet:

We are all here to reflect God’s love.

It my responsibility to God to do this one thing to my utmost capacity: Love others. Not when I feel good. Not just to people I care about…but to everyone – all of the time – regardless of the situation or the circumstances.

Just reflect God’s love.

Thank you to all of my wonderful ‘spiritual guides’…my ‘sacred band’ here at BTL – no way I am here without you.

Thank you, Brother John, for your patience. So much more work to do.

The Matrix is a mind-blowing movie. Most people do not know what is going on in regard to the symbolism.

There is power in story.

Here is a clip of a friend of mine Aaron Abke. I have spent a significant amount of time with him. I have always thought his explanation of The Matrix was insightful.

If you’ve unplugged – help others to do so.




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