Your strengths are not what you’re good at. Your strengths are what make you feel strong. Thanks, Marcus Buckingham. Your weaknesses are not the things you suck at. Weaknesses are the things that weaken you – that suck the life out of you. Today, in practice 39 with a team of beautiful souls, I asked them if they knew what weakens me. We’ve been practicing a few years now and I was curious what they’d seen.


When I asked them to tell me what they think are my signature strengths they rattled them off with rapidity. My heart smiled and I’m certain I didn’t hide it well on my face. You see, friend, this kind of feedback is food for your soul. As a leader, your job is to regulate the room. You want the team to feed off your energy, right? Well then, think about it for a quick sec. Reflect back on your day, week, month. How much time did you invest in stuff that takes the life out of you? How much time were you lit and full of life?

When I asked the team the percentage of time they live in strengths vs weakness, it was around 50 – 50. When I asked them to evaluate what they’ve seen in me it was 100 – 0. Translation. They had not seen me do what weakens me. Good…

Strengthen your strengths. Delegate, delay, or delete the stuff that sucks life from your being. This is the definitive life of OPUS. Dream and do. And, when doing hard things you once loathed, remember your aim. Your heart will smile. Juice will flow. Performance will follow. What are you modeling for your team, leader? Ask the team what they see. Sometimes, it’s freakin’ magic when the answer is nothing – nothing but love.

Live hard. LOVE harder…

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