Day 18: My Worldview…

Today was practice 46 with a leadership team working on their worldviews. The predominant culture is defined by its predominant beliefs, and the role of leadership is to influence the culture by connecting their teams to their own deeply-held beliefs. This group of leaders has been struggling with their writing. This is a good sign. “I have five pages, but it’s all over the place. I’m not sure I believe it all, and even the part I do, I don’t have the discipline to live by it.” Together this team is being awakened, challenged, and transformed. It’s scary to write and connect others to your deepest held beliefs.

Like Jim wrote yesterday, it takes courage to take the red pill and begin to write the truth. It’s easier to procrastinate. It’s easier to go back to sleep. It’s easier to B.S. yourself. I have a B.S. in English so I’m a master at it.

But here’s the deal, and it’s as simple as your ABCs, except you have to reverse engineer it to see why:

If you get an F, it’s a function of how you E-xecuted. Which is a function of the D-ecisions you made. Which is a function of the C-onclusions you drew. Which is a function of what you B-elieved about the A-dversity you were facing.

What you believe is important. It’s the engine driving your train of thought, and the culture of your twenty square feet, which either tires or inspires others.

On Day 12, I challenged you to start writing out 20 of your “I believe” statements. After Day 17, Jim challenged me as his scary builder to share 20 of mine so here’s a sample:

  1. I believe humans are not an accident of space, time and chance.
  2. I believe in Truth, and I believe it’s a Who we can know personally, not a what.
  3. I believe in Love, and I believe it’s a Who we can know personally, not a what.
  4. I believe in principles because there is a Principal.
  5. I believe the Principal is a Who and not a what, and it’s a Principal we can know personally.
  6. I believe we can know the Truth and the Truth will set us free.
  7. I believe when we are set free we are free indeed.
  8. I believe freedom is not freedom to whatever we want, but freedom to live the way we were designed.
  9. I believe we are the Magnum OPUS, the poema, of the Master Designer and Master Builder, one we can know personally.
  10. I believe we are all born self-centered/others-controlling, but designed to become CORE-centered/self-controlling.
  11. I believe we are not designed to do this on our own.
  12. I believe we are designed to become and belong.
  13. I believe we are designed to become together awakened, challenged and transformed from a-lone toward all-ONE — one ‘L of a difference — one distinct and deeply connected.
  14. I believe true ONEness within and ONEness with one another is the Dream State of our Master Builder.
  15. I believe this Builder’s Journey is a struggle, and it takes courage and humility and a strong CORE and a strong OPUS to choose the PAs to move forward.
  16. I believe progress is made in fits and starts.
  17. I believe Together We Transform.
  18. I believe our chief want in life is a builder who shall make us do what we can.
  19. I believe the role of a builder is to do for us only that which we cannot yet do for ourselves.
  20. I believe in Jim, AND I don’t believe Jim fully trusts he is worthy of the BTL journey to which he has been called.

And, in that last statement I believe he has discovered the breakthrough he needs to break out of his Matrix. For our value is not rooted in worthiness…it’s rooted in Love. That’s scary, because Love is not something earned, it’s something received. Receiving takes courage and humility and a strong CORE.

Leaders are believers, and believers are receivers.

What do you believe? Write.

Done so.

1 thought on “Day 18: My Worldview…

  1. Love the…”I believe freedom is not freedom to whatever we want, but freedom to live the way we were designed.”

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