You never told me that…

Never say this when responding to someone giving you a compliment or challenge. Instead, speak truth in love. Simple, not easy. If you’ve never heard them say what they just said, tell them something like “Thank you, I’ve never heard this from you before.”

“You never told me that,” feels like an attack even when it’s not. “I’ve never heard this before,” is an admission you’ve not heard them. This puts the onus on you to do a better job listening and oozes humility. This is nothing huge. Mastery is never about doing big things. It’s about doing a ton of little things, my friend.

This little word change is a turn toward. Masters in the art of living, practice a turn toward and choose words wisely. Do you? Write what you’re thinking. Actually, start with what you’re feeling. Why? Because decisions are more emotional than rational. Study your brain, you’ll see. You follow a pattern whether you know it or not. You feel, think, and then decide. Where do you need to decide a turn toward in work/life? 

Live hard. Love harder. Ever heard me say that before…

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