The way home…

Today, doing our third podcast together, The Athlete and I shared lots of smiles, plenty of laughs, and fought back tears – at least I know I did. He’s asked me to join him once a month on the Gravity podcast and go wherever the spirit leads us. He started today’s conversation by asking me how I’m doing at the moment. My response sparked the entire hour.

I’m doing pretty much the same as I was prior to the heart attack, prior to Covidcraziness, and anything else for that matter. He asked me to tell him more. Here’s the ccd version.

The stronger the CORE the more unchangeable the human. The clearer and more authentic the OPUS, the more satisfied, content, challenged, and peaceful one becomes. Put those together and a few will be so damned attracted they cannot resist the gravitational pull. The oneness within spreads to the oneness of aim and soon to oneness with another and then another. This provides juice and joy for all around. Fact.

The great life, I believe, is found in becoming CORE centered and self controlling, while deepening companionship, and consistency of effort toward a life of OPUS. Consistency and commitment may not be the short way ‘round. They are, however, the way home. Slow down. Write. Reflect. What are you chasing? Are you growing tired as you strain, or picking up speed as you consistently labor in pursuit of a worthy aim? Thanks for the invite, Athlete. It was good to be with.

Live hard. Love harder…

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