Chasing excellence…

Yesterday, during practice 63 with a team I love (btw, I love ‘em all or I don’t work with them), I challenged Bunion, Theresa, Wildkitty, Fred, Kyle, Brian, Josh, and more than a few more. Challenging those chasing excellence is now my nature. It has not always been this way. When first leading teams, I was a twenty five year old punk who tried to treat everyone the same. I spread my attention thin. Focused it on all souls under my leadership. Dumbass.

The BTL leader focuses on the few chasing excellence. Souls chasing excellence are easy to challenge out of belief. Focus here. Challenging out of frustration sucks the life out of both you and the one in your cross hairs. Not worth the drain, leader. Challenge those chasing excellence. Make them do what they can. Do not ignore the mediocre middle or those bringing up the rear. Hold them to performance standards, give them courage, excellent training, and reward effort and attitude. Do not tolerate those with talent chasing comfort. They are cancerous. Cut them quickly or their disease will spread.

Come to any team practice we run at BTL and you’re going to see a BTL Builder cheating toward those chasing excellence – those are the few. Thanks, Theresa, for your kind response to the challenge in 63. You are chasing the right stuff. What, friend, are you chasing?

Live hard. Love harder…

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