Day 39: Love Harder

Last night I got a text from Browny that I was tagged and taking Day 39 Live Hard, Love Harder, page 42, Chet’s book. I did immediately think, no Browny, you should be writing this blog the way you live life with so much love and passion that it simply pours out of you, especially in your writing. Just read his blog yesterday if you missed it!

And as soon as I said that I turned the page in the book, and it was Love Harder. THIS WAS MY DAY, the perfect blog for me to write! I had previously written a blog on October 13th which I felt compelled to write and sharing, why these words meant so much to me, Live Hard, Love Harder

Chet had been signing off on his blogs for awhile using the words Live Hard, Love Harder, and I had to be honest, I knew the story behind those words, but I never really stopped to think about those words. And then one night after reading a blog and being upset about a discussion I had with my daughter, the line Love Harder, was like a brick to the head!! I knew right then and there, my job with my beautiful, strong adult daughter was simply to Love Her Harder! And what did that mean to me in that moment…. be more attentive, turn towards, understand, and just listen to her! All the skills we talk about on the BTL blog and was not practicing!

I opened my journal, pulled out my CORE writing, what I profess to be my Bolted-on Beliefs, my Core Principals, Values, and I wrote down…. Live Hard, Love Harder and I started unpacking those 4 words and assessing my own CORE and how I’m living. As I stated back in the October blog I previously mentioned, I had also made Live Hard, Love Harder my Mantra. I’m still writing and learning what these 4 words have to offer.

This I know I know for sure: #6 from Chet’s blog, I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with my whole heart!

Another reason why today was, My Day to Write This Blog. I sat down with my first client, a beautiful young couple who are fully engaged in the BTL process and they shared that the morning got off to a rough start, they have a 13 yr. old! Need I say any more if you’re a parent of a young teenager. What I learned from their Discovery Questions over and over in their answers to the questions was the deep, care and love they had for their children, totally committed as ONE in their parenting and fully engaged with their children. 

I could sense the anxiety of the morning they have already had and completely understood what they were feeling, many of us can relate, teenagers! I asked them to open Chet’s book and begin reading, Day 39: LOVE HARDER! I then asked them to write what they were thinking…. Most of you understand this process and where it went! If you don’t and want to learn more, buy Chet’s book, he wants to retire one of these days, he’s getting old!

  • How tuned in are you to your loved ones?
  • When you arrive home is your tank on empty?
  • Do you have anything left to give to the most important people in your life?
  • Does your family feel like third string team?
  • Are you distracted; a head filled with work you can’t turn off?
  • If you don’t like your answers to any of these questions, what are you going to do about?

2 thoughts on “Day 39: Love Harder

  1. Pete – whenever you write on this blog I feel like I’m at a very comfortable bar with a dear friend, solving life’s problems over a cold one and a burger…walking away grateful for the time and the love and wisdom. Thank you!

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