Cull your way…

Chasing excellence does not mean you work all the time. Chasing excellence begins by culling more from your day not chasing more in your day. The elite cut bullshit out. The mass of humanity keep adding more onto their over scheduled lives.

When I started BTL twenty years ago, I began by writing what I would not do, who I would not serve, where I would not take on work, and what kind of company I would not allow BTL to become. This freed my mind to focus my why and my way. You will not chase excellence in a general pursuit of greatness. It starts with culling your way – cutting options, cutting people, cutting meetings, and cutting all kinds of quick caffeine like hits that don’t serve your OPUS – your labor of love.

Too many today think their way to greatness requires they say yes, over commit, over do, and build their brand by being seen and out there more. If you’re chasing excellence, friend, begin by saying no today. Cull your way to mastering your domain. Chasing excellence is about doing less and obsessing more. I’m obsessed with my way. Can’t stop studying the roots of endurance, high performance, and human nature. I don’t do much else, you know. Chasing excellence is a mostly singular and solitary effort. You may have a great why. Have you found your way?

Live hard. Love harder…

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