Day 51: Love…

Here’s a bold claim: I believe we can bend reality to our will. Let me explain.

I’m not claiming we can control reality. That would be madness. What I’ve learned is that the more I become core-centered and self-controlling, the more my external reality changes to match my internal world.

Not so long ago I was filled with anger and fear. And much of my reality reflected this. Because I was angry, I found more things to provoke my anger. Or perhaps they found me. Likely a bit of both. Like attracts like. My anger spilled out in big ways and small. Over stuff that mattered and more often over stuff that didn’t.

I recently went to an event that in the past would have tripped me up left and right. I would have been looking for (and easily found) offense. Now I found the whole thing to be full of joy and love. Why? Because I was overflowing with joy and love. Love for my life, love for those around me. And to be honest, there was some bullshit there. Didn’t matter. Not where I put my focus. I put my focus on those I loved and accepting things for what they are. And it flowed back to me tenfold. Crazy. From my view, I bent reality.

Does this mean I’ll never be angry about injustices? No way man. There are a few I care deeply about. The difference is I’m choosing to direct my passion in a productive manner. Now when I feel angry, I pay attention to what it’s telling me and then I CHOOSE how I will be. I’m choosing to solve, to care, to act, to LOVE.

You see, to tie it back to Chet’s writing in day 51, I’ve forgiven those who hurt me. I’ve forgiven myself for so many of my own struggles. When I let those things go I had so much more capacity to love – myself and others. I’m a work in process, always will be, and today I love how far I’ve come.

2 thoughts on “Day 51: Love…

  1. Sister Rachel…
    You have helped AND inspired me more than I have said…so I will say it again:
    You have helped AND inspired me.
    You make us ALL stronger.
    tal Kyrte.

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