Since the discovery of fire, we humans have congregated around it. Campfires are warm, inviting, and safe. Want a more creative, innovative, and trusting team?

Build a campfire, CEO.

Invite the team to huddle up. Listen. Keep putting wood on the fire and sit back and learn. Be unproductive and present. Be with. Sit still and listen to the ideas coming from sales, marketing, engineering (who knew they had something to say), ops, tech, and even that soul sucking department called finance. Ideas, remember, become more fluent when shared in a warm, inviting, and safe space. Create these moments and watch the ideas flow. Ideas are the root of innovation. Every leader we work with wants more. Funny how ideas flow more freely around a fire than a brainstorming session in the boardroom…

Campfires promote collaboration. When was the last time you started one, leader?

Live hard. Love harder…

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