Better questions? Clearer answers…

Yesterday two beautiful clients of mine asked me unanswerable questions. These questions are the best because they represent deep thinking, not a hack for easy answers. Both questions revolved around the unanswerable, unexplainable, and incomparable emotion of Love. Both wanted me to hear their yearning. Both knew I didn’t hold the answer, loved them enough to listen, and trusted my heart with their own. Here’s my learning, for what it’s worth.

You face a life of ambiguity. Most MOT (moments of truth) lack clear answers. Your brain craves clarity and ruminates like a sick cow when it can’t see it. Excellence requires action when outcomes are uncertain. Better questions lead to clearer answers. Your cranium chooses better when clarity comes. Clear answers lead to better outcomes. Damn.

And, do not go it a lone. Go to one of your trusted few and bounce it around. Listen. Linger. Learn. Feeling better? Yeah, baby, that’s the power of better questions. Keep asking ‘em, friend. Clarity comes to the one seeking light. Funny, love does too. Together we transform. Always together.

Live hard. Listen hard. Love harder…

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