Day 78: Embrace it…

I grew up Catholic… school, church every Sunday, alter boy – the works. I naively personalized my relationship with Jesus when I was 18 after a good friend died in a car accident right before we left for college. I transferred my sophomore year after getting a 1.0 gpa and almost dying from alcohol poisoning as a freshman. I chose a small Christian college and found my faith through the love, support and community there.

I taught at a non-demoninational charismatic church / school, but quit after observing some really terrible behavior from all levels of leadership. I went back to the Catholic church after my daughter was born to honor her culture. About 10 years later, I left the Catholic church again when it became clear that our beliefs just couldn’t find enough common ground to stay. Needless to say, this topic was more poison than wine for me. In fact, I distanced myself from anything and anyone associated with it

In 2016, I was challenged by Gu to integrate the faith I did have into my OPUS. I resisted. But as my builder at the time, Gu knew my soul’s need for purpose was an integral component to me discovered the real reason I’m here – To collectively become “fully alive” in alignment with St. Iranaeus’ decklaration (The glory of God is man fully alive.)

I hadn’t been to church in years until Friday March 3rd at 7am, when we started having regular band practice. Even though some of my bandmates regularly quote scripture and tie almost everything we do their faith – I LOVE IT and I LOVE THEM. This community we’ve built is “not a clique or cult where everyone seems of similar mind”. Quite the contrary, we simply regularly come alongside each other to see other perspectives, and have healthy dialogue that doesn’t divide but actually helps us come together.

The reason this is possible is because we’ve all embraced ONEness – distinctly strong and different individuals who are deeply connected. What about you? Embrace it…

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