Day 79: Nerve…

No one wants a leader who plays not to lose.  No team is inspired, energized, or convinced by a leader who in a moment of truth defers, delays, or defaults.  People want a leader with nerve.

What separates a leader with nerve from one who lacks it?  One word: belief.

Do you deeply believe in the idea that the team is bigger than any individual and therefore bench your star performer who is also a toxic teammate?  Do you believe enough in your vision for your company to keep going even when the first five or ten investors tell you “No?” Is your belief in your product or service so convincing that prospective customers are drawn toward what you are creating? Do you believe in yourself and your team so strongly that you view chaos and uncertainty as opportunities rather than something to fear?

Every day leaders demonstrate their level of belief not through their words but through their actions. Most leaders hesitate, fearful of making the wrong decision, or even worse, they know the right decision but don’t have enough conviction to handle the acute pain of acting verses the chronic pain of ignoring the issue. Leaders with nerve “throw the damn ball” the moment it is hit to them and aim in the direction that aligns with their beliefs.

Want a better team?  Be a better leader.  Want to be a better leader? Show more nerve.  Want more nerve? Gain clarity on your most deeply held beliefs and the principles that align with them. Time for a rinse of your core?  Good.

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