Day 81: Fear…

Fear grips you, perhaps even controls you, if you’re like most humans. Fear is crippling. It causes us to shrink back, do less, be less, play small, live an uninspired but safe life. Fear is a liar. Fear tells you that whatever this next thing is could be the worst thing that happened to you.

Bullshit. Fear is total bullshit. That’s what I believe. Does this mean negative things never happen to me? Nope. I believe when something negative DOES happen, I’ll learn from it, I’ll repair where needed, I’ll grow and go. Does this mean I never feel fear? Of course not. It DOES mean that my belief wins out over my brain more often than not. When fear throws a lie at me, I throw a belief right back.

Fear is a brain thing. It talks to us from the brain – reminding us of the negative things that have happened. Forecasting the negative things that COULD happen. How we could be embarrassed, or upset another, etc., etc. What beats the brain? A strong core. Tighten yours up. Take a minute and write what you believe about fear. About playing small or big. About living life in alignment with your Core rather than dictated by your fears. Write what you’ll do and say to your brain when fear throws a lie at you. Write about where fear has been limiting you, and then practice acting on what you believe in the face of that fear. Go punch fear in the face.

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