Filled and fatigued…

Today began early with the 3PP team of six. It was hard opus. Three one on one practices and two team practices later the day of opus was done. Practice 37 with a team of OSU HC’s was freakin’ magic. We helped a golfer reframe the way he sees his team and his sport. He had separated God and golf for some silliness. Practice 44 with OSU WSOC left me smiling as so many young athletes left our time together with a stronger sense of self and a greater sense of team too. The Wizard is pouring into them and it’s evidently working.

Tomorrow, I’m grateful to have seven practices to engage my heart and mind. It begins before 7 bells and ends about twelve love filled hours later. Tonight, I’m filled and fatigued. It’s a good tired. Hard labor you disdain as you perspire. Hard opus you sustain as you tire. Do not settle for becoming a highly paid laborer. Feel life. Tune into your drains. Turn away. Tune into your love to’s. Turn toward. You’ll be filled and fatigued.

C’mon leader, your only real job is loving the work and loving the team. In the end love matters more than the money. Love, you see, fuels meaning. And, meaning matters more. Love the work. Love the team. God didn’t make a mistake when you made you a Golf coach instead of a monk. Love Him by loving it and loving them. Nuf said.

Live hard. Love harder…

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