Day 99: Edge, execution, and excellence…

Thursday i had the privilege to facilitate a day long retreat for a YPO Forum.

It reminded me what we take for granted doing every day is a special gift to those who slow down once a year.

It reminded me part of the hardest part of our work is attacking the Curse of Knowledge to remember what it’s like not to have CORE/OPUS/Pop as your second nature.

It reminded me the reason we work with CEOs is because leaders are believers and leaders are connectors.

It reminded me our framework is a process to be trusted to help leaders become consciously competent at both.

It reminded me we don’t rise to the occasion we fall to the level of our training — and that when you have trained every day for twenty years you don’t have to prep for a day like today — you just trust the framework, set the edge and execute.

It reminded me most leaders want to get better, want to slow down, and want someone to help them do not only what they can — but what they must — if they want to be the leaders they want to be for themselves, their teams and their families.

It reminded me we all have an f’ing problem — we forget — so to practice and to write these same things is no problem for us and a safeguard for you.

How often are you slowing down to practice working on being the CEO of Y.O.U.? Is it a priority? Do you have a process? This was the challenge this team wrestled with at the end of our day: “how do we make sure this isn’t a one and done?”

If you are BBTL, you know the answer. It’s making practice a daily discipline to master the art of living. And having a fellow builder with you on your Builder’s Journey.

“Hey Siri — set a daily reminder to read BBTL and work on my CORE.”

“Ok, I’ve set a daily reminder to read BBTL and work on my CORE.”

If you know these things you will be happy if you do them.

Done so.

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