The real you…

One of my youngest and most rewarding clients asked me a really good question the other day – “Why, Chet, do you care so much that people become who they are meant to be?” I didn’t answer her directly, at least not yet. I made her think about it, you know. Here is the direct answer, friends.

I believe it’s why I’m here and I believe it’s why you’re here.

I believe God’s deepest yearning is for you and me to become the original we already are. We are all lost and leaking vessels trying to measure up, be enough, not be too much, and all the while becoming less filled even when we’re full (or so it appears). We cannot know who we are without trusting whose we are. So, we fall for one false identity after another. We chase position, power, and prominence. We become proud. We believe our reputation and pleasing others is our ticket to peace and self worth. We begin to believe we are our position and then it’s taken from us or it loses it’s luster just as we lose ours. Lost and lonely…

We settle for peace and pay. Mail it in. Play it safe. We don’t blow up, we mature and burn out slowly. Winding down like the top I once played with as a kid, spinning wildly, slowly wobbling, and then into the weeds we tumble. We are meant to burn out bright. We are meant to be real, raw, and evolving ever closer to the real you. This I believe. I believe it’s our design.

Here’s a word from the book of Jeremiah that sums up my why quite succinctly.

“Is Ephraim my dear son? Is he my darling child? For as often as I speak against him, I do remember him still. Therefore my heart yearns for him; I will surely have mercy on him, declares the Lord.” Jer. 31:20

Translation. I believe God is not yearning for the Instagram you, the professional you, or whatever other you is on public display. God yearns for the real you, the original He designed you to become, you’ve just been too afraid to reveal. This is why we’re here, friend – to become who we are – the real you and me.

You are designed to become and belong. Most skip the first step in search of the second ‘cause it’s easier to settle for fitting in to our family, tribe, or workplace. You are meant to belong. And, you are designed to become the real you. Does this make sense? Are you becoming more comfortable in your skin on this climb of BBTL? Slow down and reflect. As for me, I’ve still got plenty of becoming ahead of me, a work in process. What about you? The real you. Might this be a good time to rinse your identity – your I am’s? Good.

Live hard. Love harder..

2 thoughts on “The real you…

    1. Love this quote, Sully. Good to be with the real you. So, so good to be with you this Friday. Come anytime. You belong here too…

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