Day 113: Acts 19:20…

…is a reference from a book in the New Testament, authored by the gospel writer Luke. It recounts the expansion of the early church from Jerusalem all around the Mediterranean basin after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It is sometimes titled “Acts of the Apostles” but would be more accurately titled “Acts of the Holy Spirit.” After his resurrection, the Spirit of the risen Jesus indwelled his followers, empowering them to perform the same kinds of signs and miracles as Jesus to authenticate their ministry. This particular verse from chapter 19 reads “So the word of the Lord was growing mightily and prevailing.” The context is after understanding the truth of God’s word, those who had been practicing magic brought their sorcery books together and began burning them in the sight of everyone. They counted up the price of them and it was an astounding fifty thousand pieces of silver.

After 15 years in Corporate America and 5 years as a pastor, I was attracted to BTL in ’03 looking for a framework to develop volunteer leaders at our church. Toto was trying out his content with a group of pastors every Friday as a sounding board while he wrote the BTL playbooks, and BUILD YOUR CORE resonated with me. It aligned with the biblical principle “growing leaders lead growing nations, marriages, families, teams, etc.” In the New Testament letter 1 Timothy chapter 4, the apostle Paul exhorts his young apprentice Timothy the most important thing isn’t for him to see his church growing, it’s for them to see him growing in his understanding of God’s word, in his character and in his gifting. As he did so, so would his transformational influence and impact on others.

I had this same convo with a potential client last week. We share a similar worldview, and he regards himself as a very good leader. “I believe you,” I told him, “but that’s not the point, and it’s not enough. It’s not about arriving, it’s about continuing to grow for your own sake and for inspiring others.”

You don’t have to believe in God to be attracted to Becoming BUILT TO LEAD and benefit from its principles and its wisdom, which is far superior to knowledge. Just don’t be surprised as you do you may be attracted to the idea just maybe there is a Master Builder who embodies truth in love, humility, courage, discipline, ONEness and all the other attributes BTL is about. A Master Builder you can know personally.

I believe it’s this Master Builder’s word which is growing mightily and prevailing over the wisdom of the world. Word vs. World. One ‘L of a difference again — only this time it’s a matter of Truth vs Lie. Red pill vs Blue pill.

Take the red pill and know the mighty, prevailing truth which will set you free. There is no leader more becoming than becoming the leader you were created to become.

Done so.

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