A dividend is a portion of profits paid by a corporation to its shareholders. Consistently paying dividends requires financial discipline. Profits don’t just follow record revenues. Success often breeds sloppiness. We enjoy the fruits of our labor and forget the disciplines it took to earn them.

This same truth applies to you, my friend. You don’t build a strong sense of self and then reap consistent, endless dividends. You build your CORE and you never stop sticking to the discipline of looking at it, reminding yourself who you are, rinsing it, and closing down the integrity gaps between who you want to be and who you actually are. A strong CORE pays consistent dividends. You stand in stuff that once wrecked your sorriness. You run into stuff you ran away from. You are more consistent in living your why your way.

Your CORE will pay dividends. Do you have the discipline to consistently build it stronger? Try practicing 7 good minutes reflecting, rinsing, and realigning behaviors with beliefs. Start small and stay consistent. It’ll pay dividends. A strong CORE, there is no substitute. You’ve been reminded. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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