Day 130: Chillin’ it to killin’ it…

As I sit down to write this blog I’m dog tired – physically, mentally, and emotionally. And I frickin love it. Why? Because the exhaustion comes from the best kind of work. Soul-stirring, love-fueled, OPUS-filled work. In the last 48 hours I’ve traveled to and from Columbus, Ohio for 5 amazing practices, a walk and talk with Chet, dinner with my bandmates, 530 am workout at the 3P palace, a great discussion with some bandmates about a shared client that we’re going all-in with and I’ve done a fair amount of wedding prep (10 days out!!). Physical, mental, emotional. WIPED. So good.

As I read Day 130 I kept thinking about my last 48 hours and how they’ve challenged me and drained me in a good way. Every time I challenge myself with purpose, I increase my capacity. By doing more in the 3P workout, I’m able to handle more physical challenges before they even register as stressors. Same is true of the mental and emotional.

AND the type of “killin’ it” matters. If you’re trying to “kill it” on something you loathe, you’ll be exhausted in the soul-deadening kind of way. That’s different – that’s a slow death. Doing it out of love? With a clear vision and a clear why? Man, that’s the kind that leaves a duchenne smile on your face right before you pass out on your pillow.

Yes, practice chillin’ it and killin’ it. And stretch yourself on the killin’ it. Do more than you think you can. And fuel it with love. Then shut it down, hard, and practice the toggle to chillin’ it. I’m about to close my laptop and listen to some of my favorite tunes on the flight home. Chillin’ it.

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