What you training for, Chet…

While doing plank twists this early am, one of the 3PP newb’s asked me a great question – “What you training for, Chet? You got a big race coming up?” Nope, I replied. I’m not training for any particular event, I told her. Just training, you know, for life.

I’m training for life. Fact. I’m training for a hard life even though it appears I have it ezpz. Life is hard. I believe this. Severe tests are coming and I want to be ready. And, I have big dreams. So, as Pressfield reminds, I’m putting my ASS where my heart wants to be.

I’m training for the French Alps in July of 2023. Will be our 4th trip cycling up the toughest Tour de France climbs. Cannot wait. Will be Pj’s first. Littlest, Downer, and my 4th. Blondie’s third. Beautiful. I’m training for September golf with Jordan and his poker players. Three rounds walking and talking pain free. I’m training for seven practice days (once a week) where I start early and end late. I’m training for long walks with Miss (no more piggyback rides though)!

I’m training for the German autobahn. As I dreamt with a client yesterday, I had him write about his 18 year dream when he’d be my age. He’s struggling with a dream for his healthy/physical life. He needs a big dream. So, as he wrote, I did likewise. I dreamt about my 81st year here, Lord willing. The first thing that came to mind was time with our grandson Aedán. I’m training for his 18th birthday, driving the autobahn outside of Stuttgart in his dad’s GT3. Flying around the Black Forest, downshifting (manually), and hammering it all while laughing and smiling with him. I’m training for Aedán. I’m training for life. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “What you training for, Chet…

  1. Training for Edinburgh Marathon in two weeks. Chicago Triple Challenge (three triathlons in one weekend) in August. Honolulu Marathon in December.

    But mostly training to live and relish every moment… until I die from an overdose of life.

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