Talent is overrated. Fact. Talent matters, don’t get me wrong. Effort matters more. Remember the performance formula from the book Grit, by Angela Duckworth.

Talent x effort = Skill
Skill x effort = Achievement

Overly simplified, yes, but she makes a good point. In Angela Duckworth’s world, effort counts twice. What about in yours? What do you believe? What does your behavior reveal? Slow down. Reflect. Talk to your truth tellers. Ask them what they see. Wanna chase greatness, friend? Outwork your talent, right Wizard? Outwork your talent, not once in a while, not when you feel like it, and not when some coach is watching and working your sorriness. Outwork your talent because it’s a CORE belief, identity, and principle. Tell yourself, regardless your level, to keep working. Make sense? Great.

Live hard. Love harder. Outwork your talent…

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