Day 132: Know why, know the way…

…somehow found its way into the essential of Build a Healthy Physical Life.

If you look at the graphic, you will see it’s just another spoke emanating from the hub – the CORE.

When you know your WHY, you will know how you want to live.

You will know what you want to say yes to and why, and what you want to say no to and why, and much quicker.

Your yes will be yes and your no will be no.

As a leader this means you will be much clearer.

You will also recruit better because you will discern quicker those who believe what you believe in your CORE, and those who don’t, and those who haven’t figured it out. You won’t try to talk them into anything that you and they will someday regret.

Your priorities will be clearer.

Your decisions will be quicker.

And when you get to the Y in the road, you will know your way because you know your WHY.

The Y is not the time to figure out your WHY. Know your WHY, know your way. No why, no way.

How clear is your CORE? Do you know how you want to live? Do you know what you want to do?

Know your why, know your way. And it will serve you at your next Y in the road on your Builder’s Journey.

Done So.

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