Day 133: Again, let’s train…

Wow! I can relate to today’s blog! Two lines in the blog really spoke to me, “Have faith, don’t lose hope, and find the love in it all. Is your focus on the pain (fixed mindset), or is love telling you it’s nothing but a gain (growth mindset)?

I’m in my 3rd week of rehabbing what they call a knee revision. I had my knee replaced 21 years ago and now 3 weeks ago, I had a second knee replacement or revision. Both knees have been replaced, and before that, multiple surgeries (10) on both knees, because of athletic injuries. What I have learned profoundly from all of this, is how debilitating pain can be, IF you allow it to overwhelm your thinking, your mindset.

If you’re an avid reader of the BTL Blog then you know the emphasis that is placed on a healthy mindset, (Growth Mindset). The 12 Essentials of Personal Excellence speak to this idea of mindset in one form or another in each of the 12 Essentials:

#3. Build your Courage, face your fears, overcome adversity, fight for what you believe.

#4. Build your Discipline, reaching your potential will be uncomfortable, never settle for mediocrity.

#5. Build a healthy, Physical Lifestyle, mind, body, soul, 

#7 Build your Optimism, a pessimistic attitude will stop you short of your best. 

The 12 Essentials are packed with core principles and ideas as to how one can build a strong disciplined, resilient mindset. For over 40 plus years I have been reading, studying, and learning how to build this strong resilient mindset. What you read on the BTL Blog and in the Playbook of the 12 Essentials, is everything you need in developing a strong resilient mindset, a growth mindset.

One of my Mantras is very simple, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” Proverbs 4:23

My job through this period of rehabbing my knee is to do my exercises, know that each day I’m getting a little better, I go to the gym and work on my upper body, it’s not broken, and understand that pain is simply a part of getting better, it’s a signal that the leg is responding and improving!

Never Stay Down for Long!

1 thought on “Day 133: Again, let’s train…

  1. Thanks for modeling the way to 70. You are living the mindset – Again, let’s train. Do it again, Petey. Do it again…

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