Today, Miss V, her dad, Pj, and I rode 47 hilly miles from Johnstown to Utica, up Blacksnake, Reynolds, and St. Joseph. My tiny calves both cramped and the legs were on full revolt. Held up the group. Bummer. Some days you own the road. Some days the road owns you. Just keep training, friend, and let it be.

So, today, I swallowed hard as the three road away, then waited, road away, then waited, and road away again. It’s great to weary the Yellow Jersey. Sucks to be the Lanterne Rouge (Last place in le tour). Suck it up buttercup. Same days the road owns you. What defines us, remember, is our response. I did not quit. I simply sucked today. And, I sucked it up. You?

Live hard. Love harder. Suck it up…

2 thoughts on “Suck…

    1. Kinda weird, Downer, it wasn’t a bonk really. My legs felt heavy right out of the gate and then the crampycrampcamelater. You would have loved watching me suck! Wish you were here. See you soon in June. Miss V’s dad is strong. Hope he comes back…

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