The enemy…

Normal teams value false harmony. They fall for the “feel good” kinda place. They bury conflict and tell each other all kinda sweet, little lies. This comes so naturally, most don’t even notice. “We’re good,” they inform me and others when we try to surface the good stuff to make ’em better. Funny, huh.

We’re good is the enemy.

We’re good means we’re good enough. We’re good means we don’t want to go deeper. We’re good means we like the Matrix; we don’t want reality. We’re good means we’ve settled. Study history. Show me where settling leads to high performance. You cannot. Settling leads to slow death. Look around you, examples are in abundance. High performers understand the enemy is within. Instead of accepting the status quo and settling, they see real progress while living with real problems. They surface conflict on purpose. Some they accept is gridlocked. Most, they discover, is not. The fight for right is replaced with the fight for performance. We’re good is replaced with I’m getting better, we’re getting aligned, and all kinda new PA of our own choosing.

Are you “good,” or committed to getting better? One leads to false harmony and slow death. One leads to slowing becoming ONE, distinct and deeply connected. One is comfortable until it’s miserable. One if challenging on it’s way toward transforming. One chases comfort. One chases excellence. One comes naturally. One requires practice, practice, and more practice. One leads to gossip and cover your ASS. One leads to truth in love and laughing at what you once loathed. Which process you buying?

Live hard. Love harder…

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