So done…

This is where the world lives. Life is hard. Kicks us all in the ASS. Knocks us down and eventually the world convinces us to stay there.

So done.

A BTL practice participant recently texted me his learning and PA from doing the daily discipline of BBTL (check it out at the bottom of this rant). He’s reading and writing. Clarity has come. He recently cut unhealthy stuff and replaced it with healthy/physical choices. He’s made the mental move from “so done,” to Kit Carson freakin’ magic – Done so.

Way back in the day, Kit left STL and paddled up the Missouri. He went west, learned 18 Indian languages, how to track every kind of animal, opened up trail after trail across the western expanse, and led us to the lands of milk and honey (namely California and Oregon). He exemplified dream and do. He never learned to write, not even his name. Wasn’t a priority. Whatever was, however, he turned into reality with his mantra – Done so. Grammatically poor. As a mindset? Freakin’ magic.

My client has got it right. He’s moved from so done to done so. Where can you change your mind, friend? Done so.

“Morning bro – so loving moving from “so done” to “done so,” – thank you for pushing me – enjoy your weekend. I am tuning/turning into mental health 201 by hitting #’s 1 and 8 – need more of that – eating well has been a great experience – today begins week 4 of no dairy, no sugar, no grains, no alcohol – down 15 lbs and it will be more – the resulting mental clarity I am experiencing has been amazing – I know it’s not a coincidence – hopefully you are in a plank right now…be good today brutha.”

Live hard. Love harder. Done so…

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