Give more…

We are built for relationship and can only reach our full potential with the help of a few. We enter the world dependent on others for our survival. As we grow, we yearn to make it on our own – we want to become independent. We’re our best when we’re a bit of both, when we depend on a few and learn to stand on our own. Inter-dependent relationships build both parties. Are you building one or two of these, friend?

Inter-dependent relationships transform us into the originals we already are, we’ve just been too scared to reveal. True friends help us remove our layers, toss our masks, and get comfortable in our own skin. True friends help us move from fear into Love. True friends illuminate blind spots without blind siding us. True friends believe in us oftentimes before we do. True friends know us and accept us just as we are. And, true friends challenge us too.

As we soak in their love and belief, we replace a sense of self consciousness with self confidence. We become more convicted. Doubt and insecurity dissipate. A sense of belonging fills us. We know who we’re becoming and are falling in love with the process. We are calmer in crisis. We stand more and run away less. We look up and thank God for divine appointments and the few friends he so graciously sent to help guide us. Today, I took a few friends into the deep end. Together we transformed. I could feel it. Freakin’ magic in the making. So, so good.

God, help me be a true friend to a few. God, help me look up and receive. God, help me give more than I take.

“Masculinity, first and foremost, ought to be defined in terms of relationships, it ought to be taught in terms of capacity to love and be loved. If you look over your life at the end of it, life wouldn’t be measured in terms of success based on what you’ve acquired or achieved or what you own. The only thing that’s going to matter is the relationships you had. It’s going to come down to this: What kind of father were you? What kind of husband were you? What kind of coach or teammate were you? What kind of friend were you?”

Taken from Season of Life, By Jeffrey Marx

Live hard. Love harder. What kind of friend are you? Give more…

1 thought on “Give more…

  1. This is such good writing and perfectly on theme with what my mens group has been discussing. Thx for sharing, and always challenging.

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