Last night, around a beautiful campfire at my clients home, we took his team where few tread – into hard truth. It was freakin’ magic. Why?

Because my client is allowing his team to hit him. He’s welcoming it and has been for quite awhile now. Last night a couple of his tough leaders told him hard truth. I was a catalyst, nothing more. I poked him and them in a love harder way. Weakness took a hit. Strength, real strength was built. We went deeper on the trust continuum. Personal trust, ethical trust, situational trust, strategic trust, and the pinnacle of trust – chemistry. We tasted it. Everyone left tired and it was a good tired.

As Tay and I turned to leave, the team huddled up to take on one more tough topic. Time was up. They had more to say. I smiled at Tay and felt deep satisfaction in my soul. This team is breaking sound barriers. Just like your team, most likely, not with speed.

They’re breaking barriers with words.

Words. They matter. You matter. Choose carefully the words you speak to yourself. What flows from mouths toward others, originates deep within ourselves. Oftentimes in our little voice we’ve not replaced since childhood. Slow down. Reflect. Write. Do you trust you? Have you committed yourself to building personal trust? Start here. A strong CORE, there is no substitute.


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