Today, I was humbled. Asked a team we’ve been practicing with for over a decade why build your humility is the second essential in the 12 Essentials of Personal Excellence. Crickets. Nobody knew. Humbled.

So, I asked them to remind me of the first essential. By now, they suffered stage fright. Couldn’t come up with it until one of them opened BBTL and found the wheel, as she described it. Humbled again.

You see, leader, your job is to build your team. We do not measure your success rate by how much YOU know. The world is littered with really smart leaders who can’t transfer their knowledge to their team. Fail. You see, leader, we measure your leadership influence by how much the team learns. So, during this morning’s practice, I looked in the mirror and took responsibility. I told a few new stories. Made them put a couple bricks in their humility walls. Drilled a bit deeper until they got it, really got it. Took too long, not because of the students desire but because of my inability to make it stick.

Build a strong CORE. Begin building humility immediately. You see, friend, pride is the deadliest of the seven deadly sins. Always has been and always will be. Pride begins when I look down on you. Humility begins when I look up and thank God. God, help me look up more. God, help me build praus alongside my wild strength. God, help me allow your Spirit to bridle mine. God, help me. How, leader, are you building humility alongside your strength?

Live hard. Love harder…

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