Lost to found…

“It’s personal.” “I don’t think anything in life is absolute.” “No regrets.” “If it’s not hurting an individual, it’s not really wrong.” “It depends on the situation.” “Like if it’s something your boss tells you to do, they want it done that way, that makes it what you should do.” “Nothing really is coming to mind. I haven’t had too many really huge moral dilemmas that I’ve had to navigate through in my lifetime.” “Each individual is entitled to define their personal moral code, but it is also only the hurting of individual persons that could make anything morally wrong. It’s not particularly wrong to cheat or steal from an organization, such as a business.” These are all quotes from emerging adults (age 18-23) taken from Christian Smith’s book Lost in Transition. Before us baby boomers get all righteous, remember, we raised ‘em. Damn. Lost indeed…

The breadth of your worldview needs to be matched by the depth, especially when it comes to the big questions in life. The key to turning your worldview into a source of strength lies in your willingness to do your own research and struggle through the bias inherent in your limited lens and experiences. Few do the work. Few think it’s worthwhile, you know. Your traverse abdominals muscles hold your core together. These are oftentimes referred to as the girdle muscle ‘cause without them the rest of your core would have nothing holding you together. Your worldview works similarly, it holds your CORE together. Identity, Principles, Passions and Purposes are rooted in your belief system. Make sense?

My favorite verse in The Bible is short and sweet. “And someday you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32. I believe Jesus was describing Heaven. Our aim, while we’re here, is to bring more truth to the party. Heavenly. I believe this and behave accordingly, at least some of the time. I miss the mark. Repair and repent often. I’ve a long way to go – a perpetual work in process. What, friend, are your deepest held beliefs? How conscious is your worldview? Does it guide your behavior? How do you repair when behavior is out of alignment with belief? Have you authored your own or merely parrot others? Ayn Rand was right, we’ve become a society of “second handers.” Lost.

Slow down. Reflect. Think about your behaviors. Work backward. Find the belief behind what you most frequently value and find time to do. Write. You are building your worldview. This I believe. This is the route to move from lost to found. Do the work. Go deeper. Good.

Live hard. Love harder.

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