Andrew, Emma Kate, and Aedán…

Early start to today. It’s a big one for Miss as it’s kinda a big birthday. Lots of celebrating with her, Andrew, Emma Kate, and Baby A. I took Andrew’s bike out at 5:30 this morning (btw, it had been light for over an hour by then) and got lost in Berlin. Thank God for that big needle building!

This trip has been all about giving and taking care. For some of my few it’s easy to give and hard to take. I mean they are great at loving on others not so great at letting love in. We are designed to give and take, right. Don’t let pride or fear allow you to become a one way street, friend. Give and receive…

Make it a great Saturday with family and friends.

Here’s a few more photo’s from Berlin. Enjoy…

Today’s ride. Had to take this one for Miss (my favorite steak lover)!
The Lion King!
Andrew’s optometrists office with his boy and his artwork.
He’s not the Lion King. Oscar and his mom, Kimmie.
Lots of wild boars in these parts.
Lake day..

Live hard. LOVE harder…

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