Israel, Jesus, and John…

During the Six Day War fought in 1967 something quite strange became the norm for the Israeli Armed Forces. The Israeli officers suffered more casualties than the enlisted ranks. Why? Because Israel teaches one primary leadership principle and it’s a good one.

“Follow me.”

Remember, BTL aspires to teach similarly. We believe in three principles that align with another Jew named Jesus. We believe virtuous leaders attempt to act as follows:

Model the way.
Embrace pain and suffering.
Embody truth in LOVE.

Are your scars on your front side or back? Are you embracing more acute pain than those in your ranks? Does the unvarnished truth set you free? Do you remember John Adams nightly prayer with his children? It’s some ccd freaking magic if you ask me. John cradled his candle in one hand, tenderly touched his babies with his other and reminded them to simply – “Be good. Do good.” Thanks Israel, Jesus, and John. What inspiring principles are you modeling, leader? What’s your most frequent command?

Live hard. Love harder…

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