Baby boy believes…

Today is our last day with baby boy. We came to give Andrew and Ek a bit of a break. My God have we been the ones leaving filled to overflowing. Don’t know I’ve ever felt more of God’s presence and the preciousness of life. The heat was nearly unbearable yesterday. So, what did we do? Well, we spent most of the afternoon laying around with Baby A in between. He laid on our bed for almost four hours soaking up the love and acceptance. He would open his eyes for a moment or two and Miss would place her hand on his chest and a couple deep breathes later, his eyes would shut as his little heart filled up. It was the best afternoon of just being with.

So, leader, what’s the lesson for you and yours? It’s your presence.

It’s your presence that unleashes the power of “Be with.” Your non-anxious presence is a game changer. Nothing, and I mean nothing, changes the trajectory of your team as your ability to simply be with, put your hands on them, calm their spirit, ignite their belief, and make them believe they can do whatever’s set before them. Teams play free when led by tough and tender leaders who believe. Give this gift, leader. Give it freely. Give it frequently. Your team catches your emotion and energy more than your words. Be with. Believe. You’ll be worth catching. Baby boy believes. He feels our loving presence and it fills him up.

It’s your presence, leader. Give more than you take. Trust the process at home and away. Give the gift of belief. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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