From left to right that’s me, Squirrel, and Hannus. What a team. Squirrel has been my trusted caddy for 30 years now. I look forward to every round they allow me to work with him. He knows me, my game, and gives me rations of shit. I return the favor. The dude on the far right, taught me that Christians could be cool. I had left home to go to college where I knew not a soul. He was my potluck roomie. Changed my mind about faith. From strength to weakness (in my mind), to the truth – from strength to Strength.

The team below is my favorite, you know. Yesterday, as we kicked off their season, we challenged each other to unlearn what we know. You see, friend, the enemy of greatness is found in the mind. We all think we know our limits, our strengths, and our performance peaks. What if we didn’t? What if we simply went full gas and unplugged the governor in our head. What if…

This team is a gift to me. I hope I’m some sort of gift in return. In 40-45 years I hope they can smile the way Squirrel, Hannus, and I are as they look back at a life of learning to do hard things better than they thought they could. I believe they will. I believe in them. I am giving this team (and a few other individuals, teams, and leaders) the gift of my belief. I hope they take it. Give and take care, remember. Give and take. Together we transform. Always together. Damn.

Live hard. Love harder. Go kick some grass in Carolina…

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