Water wisely…

I woke up early this morning anticipating my ride with Markel. We recently rekindled our friendship after years of neglect, not purposeful neglect, you know, it just takes time and intention to keep friendships alive.

Not true, actually. It takes psychological energy to keep relationships alive. You have to open your heart, time after time and it takes a toll. You have to selectively water too. You cannot water every acquaintance unless you want surface friends. It takes lots of heart and it hurts as it makes us whole. You must develop wisdom in choosing your friends. Fact.

So, friend, I hope you enjoy some quality time with your few. I hope it juices you and you them. You and I are here for a reason. Together lets transform as we run the good race, right? Running out of time is not the problem. Not running alongside your few filled with purpose and a passion in this present moment? Problem. CORE & OPUS are your problem solvers. Use the tools. Enjoy the gift. Find your few. Be with. Be good. Do good. Water wisely. Thanks, God, I feel better already. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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