Nothing lasts forever. You know this. We mostly live our lives, however, as if they will last forever. They won’t. Your children are on loan. Your career? Nope, not a chance. Your healthy/physical life? Not a prayer. Your friends? They will come and go. Nothing lasts forever. Fact.

So, friend, we have choices to make. We can choose a life of distraction and denial (very popular choice). Or, we can choose a life of passion and purpose with our eyes on an eternal prize, not fixated on prominence or permanence when neither is really an option. Jim Elliot summed it up nicely – “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Day 6. Life is hard.

I am fully aware of my impermanence on this earth and fully alive in my belief of that which I cannot lose. The great life, I believe, is found in learning to do hard things well. Joy lives here. Love thrives here. Love and joy are go juice. Nothing better. These are the roots of endurance which make life worth living, you know.

CORE centered and OPUS focused are the compass and map for your best life. Are you using the tools and living by design? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Today was hard OPUS at the 3PP with four friends. I left depleted and filled to overflowing. What hard thing fills you, friend? Love the work. Love the team. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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