You and I are made to become and belong. We are designed to become the original we already are and to feel we belong with someone, some community, and some cause of our choosing. We all struggle becoming and belonging. The aims are in conflict. So are we. So, friend, here are some BTL swing thoughts to guide you and me to interdependence. Enjoy.

There are no equal partnerships.

Choose to lose.

Give the gift of understanding.

When triggered, breathe and think before responding like a wrecking ball.

Give more than you take.

Stop keeping score.

Forgiveness is for you. Holding onto wrongs keeps you carrying relational rocks in your backpack.

Stop the fight for right.

Let your face radiate grace.

Tone and body language matter more than content.

Fight to improve performance, not prove a point.

Listen like an animal being stalked.

Speak ccd, always with respect.

You don’t have to be tougher, just truer.


Turn toward.

Only speak when your audience is turned toward you. Do not chase with volume and harshness.

Truth in Love conquers all.

Lose the ability to bullshit.

Don’t project your feelings on another. Stay in your lane. Speak about your stuff, not another’s.

Stand up when you feel weak.

Stand down when you feel strong.

Assume less.

Do more than you think. Do more.

Together we transform. Together. Always together. Interdependent always.

Look up and be humbled. Look around and serve. Look down on no one. God, help me.

Love all. Focus on your few.

Live hard. Love harder.

Love harder…

“Ands” are more than welcome 🙂

3 thoughts on “Interdependent…

  1. Brother Chet,
    I remember in one of our magical and mystical Band practices you said something that I have heard all the great mystics and sages say – but you said it in your words – with your life as the message behind those words…:

    “I am always where I want to be.”




    I loved this post. Hard earned wisdom.

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