Labor like this..

Want the anti-anxiety pill? Stay present. Slow down. Breathe.

Make it through this evolution. Do not look ahead and attempt to calculate how far to the summit. Overwhelming thoughts, remember, reside in the future. SEAL’s know this. The ones that make it through BUD’s don’t think ahead. They just make it through their present moment of hell.

Rip, ride, run, and have some fun this Labor Day. Rest, recover, and relax too. It’s all OPUS or enabling OPUS, right?

When you get back after it tomorrow and some overwhelming adversities line up like one endless, relentless kinda climb, remember to not look ahead for some hoped for summit. Tell yourself to simply keep pedaling and make it through this present evolution. Find the joy in doing hard things well. Start by doing them not so well and learning to love the process, you know.

Before you know it, you’ll be breathing easier and taking in the satisfaction and beauty of your summit. Overwhelming thoughts reside in some catastrophic future, oftentimes, exaggerated inside your mind. Slow it down. Take it in. Breathe. Enjoy the climb. Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard OPUS you sustain as you perspire. What’s your work feel like, friend?

Live hard. Love harder…

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