Opposites attract…

So, you want deeper connections in your closest relationships? Who doesn’t, right…

Apply the BTL speaking and listening fundamentals, first. Be ccd, truth in love, listen like an animal being stalked, reserve judgement, give more than you take, and on and in mastery of the fundamentals. Live here.

And, here’s two new swing thoughts to play with too…

If you’re feeling strong, like you’re in a one up position (at the moment) in this relationship – do the opposite – practice vulnerability. Share your heart, humbly.

If you’re feeling weak, like you’re scared to freakin’ death (right now) in this relationship – do the opposite – practice asserting yourself. Speak your mind, ccd (clear, concise, and direct), always with respect.

Most of us tend to do the opposite. When we’re feeling strong, we intimidate – unintentionally, oftentimes. We’re on the offensive, you know. When we’re scared, we shut down and shut up. We’re playing defense and back pedaling away out of fear. Play with it. Feeling strong? Be more vulnerable. Feeling scared? Be more assertive. Simple, not easy. Opposites do attract.

Live hard. Love harder…

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