Feel like this…

Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard OPUS you sustain as you perspire.

One of my clients has recently mined for deep clarity on his OPUS. He’s super smart and super focused. When he locks in, in fact, I can speak to him (from right next to him) and he hears not a word. He’s not rude. He’s focused all attention on the task at hand. I love seeing this. You see, friend, focused attention is freakin’ magic.

You’ll know you have authored an authentic OPUS when it inspires action, like right now! My client cannot stop himself from the passionate pursuit of his purpose (the P in oPus). He’s taking great risk (or so it appears) to pursue his labor of love. Nothing is guaranteed him. He could fail miserably, you know. He doesn’t much care. He’s drawn. This is the power of OPUS. It calls you. It takes you away good work as you reach toward great work. It pulls you away from distraction. You become drawn and drown out the noise and clangor, even from your well intended Builder 🙂

Does your work feel like this? It will when it’s OPUS. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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