False harmony feels good. It’s easy, you know. False harmony is not good.

Real harmony takes effort. Real harmony is a lot of Heaven and a glimpse of Hell. Real harmony rarely happens, especially at home. You see, friend, home is where the heart is most vulnerable. Home is where the hurt cuts like a knife. So, you want more harmony, more oneness where you call home?

Humble yourself.

Taste the hell inside of you. Stop looking out the window at the hell around you. Look in the mirror and own your stuff. Embrace relational reality. There are no harmonious humans, only humans committed to repairing when shit hits the fan, right? Here’s the gig. Harmony. Disharmony. And then what? You choose. Your choices have consequences. The route to oneness is simple, not easy. Here it is. Don’t miss it.

Harmony. Disharmony. Humbly repair. Harmony. Disharmony. Humbly repair.

Is it beginning to make more sense why BBTL means taking the down escalator? One, distinct and deeply connected is just a stones throw away from One, distinct and disconnected. Slow down. Reflect. What harmony you after? You singing the A lone tune? You want to start singing All ONE? Humbly repair, my friend. Humbly repair. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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