Most humans speak from their head. They speak thoughtfully and measure their words. They match tone and body language to the audience and moment. This is good and works well.

Good is the enemy of great.

Master connectors speak from the heart. They trust it. They’ve built it strong and learned to speak the same regardless the setting. These few capture our heart. We feel something unique and authentic when words spill out unfiltered but not unedifying. They speak with their eyes locked in on the audience in a sincere, not creepy way. They don’t read from a script or teleprompter. The words spilling out originated six inches down – straight from the heart. We turn toward these leaders even when we don’t agree. You sense this when in their presence. It’s rare and riveting. You can’t look away, much less walk away. You turn toward and your heart opens your mind.

You are the message. Is your message measured or freakin’ magic? One comes from your head. One comes from a filled heart. Slow down and reflect. Fill your ❤️.

Live hard. Love harder…

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