This morning I awoke to a crazy text sent from a BTL client of the band (not mine). He shredded me in the best of ways. I freaked out when looking at the bottom of the screen and seeing words in my send line. I had not written them, or so I thought. Wrecked me. Made me think I was losing my mind or witnessing some kinda miracle from God. It took a poker professional (Jordan) to bring me back to earth. He read the string and solved the riddle. I had written the text.

Two months ago. Never hit send.

So, it wasn’t me losing my mind and it wasn’t God grabbing hold of my iPad either. It was, however, a miracle. You see, Jordan and I have been reconnecting of late and we’re feeling each other’s love in a way that’s been missing awhile. And this crazy note of mine furthered the connection. He is my oldest son and I’ve never felt his love and concern more. I had already planned my next re-read. Couple days ago I decided when I finish Originals, by Adam Grant, it’s on to Miracles, by Eric Metaxas. So, today, I asked Jordan if he would join me in this effort. I believe he will. Miracles. They happen. Oftentimes we simply miss them because we’re, you know, freaked out in the moment they appear.

Today is a miracle. I’m here. It’s been a full day and it’s not yet noon! I’ve deeply connected today with Miss, Jordan, jmo, Pj, Blondie, LilRyRy, Queen, Littlest, OB, team k-dev, and Greaves. None of it was planned. Or was it?

Live hard. Love harder…

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